Pola N. - for the love of beauty

Our philosophy

The more, the better

About the brand

Pola N. is a brand founded in 2021 by Pola de Nicolay.

It was created out of love for beautiful things and vintage style.

The brand is distinguished by non-obvious clothes designed for ordinary occasions, colorful and eye-pleasing fabrics and carefully selected patterns.

Clothes with the Pola N. label give a sense of incredible joy to the
daily use.

The designs are sewn by hand in the brand’s own atelier at the Palace
On the Canal in Krzeczyn Mały and in local tailoring workshops.

Pola de Nicolay

I am the owner and designer of the Pola N brand. I have always loved to play with fashion, combining non-obvious fabrics and prints. I draw inspiration from my travels and the people I meet in my life. My motto is: “the more, the better.”

I create designs to give each occasion a touch of uniqueness. I love the colors and patterns, the big sleeves, the bows, plus with a slight vintage touch. My collections are small and limited, I avoid overproduction of clothes.